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What part of the NV150 fair are you looking forward to most?
 Results | 508 total votes
Are you planning to take part in any organized activities as part of Bike Month?
 Results | 1623 total votes
Should Harvey Whittemore be allowed to practice law pending appeals of his conviction for making illegal campaign contributions to Sen. Harry Reid?
 Results | 1924 total votes
Should Carson City purchase Empire Ranch Golf Course?
 Results | 666 total votes
Is it important that Carson City's next city manager be local?
 Results | 529 total votes
Do you approve of Carson City's eighth-of-a-cent sales-tax increase to pay for city projects?
 Results | 1406 total votes
Is downtown a good location for a new grocery store/deli?
 Results | 666 total votes
Should Jump Around Carson bus service be extended until 10 p.m.?
 Results | 473 total votes
What do you think of the city's pay range of $140,000 to $180,000 for the next city manager?
 Results | 1666 total votes
Will the 49ers defeat the Seahawks this weekend?
 Results | 432 total votes
Do you plan to get a real tree for the holidays, an artificial one or no tree?
 Results | 944 total votes
Douglas County Assemblyman Jim Wheeler has taken heat for suggesting he'd vote to reinstate slavery if his constituents wanted him to. Should he face any sanctions or consider resigning, or is the issue overblown?
 Results | 1406 total votes