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Should Interstate 580 be named in memory of Deputy Carl Howell?
 Results | 544 total votes
How do you value Carson City's current arrangements for collecting green waste (leaves, limbs, garden waste, etc.)?
 Results | 4468 total votes
Carson City's average snowfall is 22 inches, will Carson City receive above average snowfall this year?
 Results | 2143 total votes
Do you think downtown Carson Street should be narrowed?
 Results | 1050 total votes
Should the Nevada Legislature approve the incentive package for Tesla Motors to build a gigafactory plant in Storey County?
 Results | 943 total votes
Should Carson City host a fair annually?
 Results | 1303 total votes
What part of the NV150 fair are you looking forward to most?
 Results | 795 total votes
Are you planning to take part in any organized activities as part of Bike Month?
 Results | 1675 total votes
Should Harvey Whittemore be allowed to practice law pending appeals of his conviction for making illegal campaign contributions to Sen. Harry Reid?
 Results | 2010 total votes
Should Carson City purchase Empire Ranch Golf Course?
 Results | 690 total votes
Is it important that Carson City's next city manager be local?
 Results | 668 total votes
Do you approve of Carson City's eighth-of-a-cent sales-tax increase to pay for city projects?
 Results | 1430 total votes